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I help business owners UNFUK their software and technology teams.

What the heck does that mean?

I work with business owners and founders to make sure their software teams are aligned with the business owner’s needs. Breaking down the barriers that naturally form as a company grows is a must for high-performance. We’re talking orders of magnitude improvement.

Continuum Loop Inc.


I am the Founder and President of Continuum Loop Inc. – a boutique consultancy that is laser-focused on helping business owners manage the technology that is the lifeblood of the companies that they own. Tech makes a radical improvement in their operational capabilities and capacities but managing it gets hard – quickly.

We work with business owners and their technology teams to make certain that they communicate well and align with each other, so they can accomplish incredible things to improve operations.

In a nutshell we get to help technology teams work magic for heroes.

And we love it…

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I’m your host – here to share advice to help you get your business aligned with your technology team, particularly your software team.

Darrell facing camera smiling.

Lest We Forget …

We managed to get all turned around trying to get to the Canadian Cemetery at Bretteville-sur-Laize. We pulled over and stumbled upon these poppies at the edge of the farmer's field across from the back of the cemetery. Stunning. We sat for...

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Juno Beach Centre – Normandy

I should have brought kleenex. It's a stunning centre - that volunteers, donations, and memories have built. We visited the Juno Beach Centre in July this summer. Just a few short weeks after the 70th anniversary ceremonies took place. My wife and I went through the...

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