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If you’re like me you want to start with the super-short summary and decide whether you should move on to find someone else. For more detail (and references) head on over to my LinkedIn page, but here’s the short summary.

What do I do?

I help get technology deployed into operational environments. Simple statement but this means that I bring operators and technology teams together to make sure that operations is coming first and that we fully understand how we can benefit from a technology change. Then we execute.

Sometimes think I get paid to knock heads…

Really. It feels that way. Basically I come in and shake things up if they need that and turn teams into high-performing software and technology delivery teams. If needed I bring in some known quantities but I like to re-invigorate or guide existing teams more.

I teach teams how to make certain that their technology makes operational sense. If you are trying to deploy technology into operations without understanding how to do this – you’re pushing a rope. That’s why I created my Technology In OPS framework – and I love that I can do it so quickly. But my favourite part is leaving behind a cadre of trained people that can replicate what I did. That is scale.

And I am all about scale – doing 1-on-1 gigs is fun, but teaching others to do what I do is way more fun and more fulfilling. If you’re a leader you know that feeling.

If your organization is staring at an uncertain technology project (just starting or just about to fail) I may be your guy. I use Agile methodologies and bring my Technology In OPS framework to play on every project I touch (well – once I formally named it and codified what I was doing to teach others!).

Some Key Projects

Give this short list (yes, this is the condensed version) of projects a quick read and reach out if there seems to be a fit.

  • SARMaster – Search & Rescue software used around the globe since 1997 for aeronautical & maritime (and combat) search and rescue. Lead engineer and developer.
  • Domestic Common Operating Picture (DCOP) – DND commissioned us to build out a Y2K Critical Incident Management System that had web-based and desktop GIS – back in 1999 (we were the recovery team after the original team flamed out – we had three 8-week sprints and delivered with amazing results – web mapping in 1999!).
  • Black Coral LIVE, SoftRisk, and AXIS – I was the founder and CTO of Black Coral Inc. We closed up shop in 2010. Selling software to emergency managers was a tad harder than we believed. The software stack is still better than most out there and I get called on it all the time. Leading edge operational tech. Clients ranged from provinces and states, counties, universities, military, and commercial.
  • Command Post of the Future (CPoF) – We integrated Black Coral LIVE with CPoF and provided the tactical edge application that received kudos from the US Army. Unfortunately we didn’t know anything about lobbyists so we didn’t make much inroads into the Beltway.
  • MASAS – I’m the CTO of MASAS and was the tech lead behind the project that started the initiative in 2007 (GeoInfoExchange – based on Black Coral AXIS). MASAS is in use by over 550 agencies in Canada (and some in the US) and provides information sharing capabilities. It is based on open standards and open APIs. It is one of the success of the DRDC CSSP program.
  • Technical Advisor to multiple top-level agencies, departments, and services. I provide third-party vendor-neutral advice to many of Canada’s and the US’ public safety and homeland security department.
  • Exercises & Experiments – I’ve run and supported numerous military and public safety/homeland security exercises and experiments for the biggest (e.g. DHS S&T, CSS) to the smallest (small towns and counties). Usually I’m involved because there is some light-to-medium systems integration needed and they need someone to run the event.
  • Lots more – reach out to to see if there is something we should be collaborating on.

How can I help you?

Well, that depends. If you’re looking for a standard project manager type that will keep a Gantt chart up to date all the time you should probably move on and keep looking.

I am assuming you have a technology project in an operational enviroment. If you do and you are looking for someone that will provide vision, decisive and effective leadership, and take your project to a new level, then there may be something we can do together. Reach out. Let’s have a quick chat.

If you’re looking to duplicate the results that I have achieved I suggest reaching out and taking a peek at my Technology In OPS framework.