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Technology In OPS – Digital Magazine

The Technology In OPS digital magazine serves two communities:

  • Operators – the first responders (police, fire, EMS), emergency managers and security professionals that serve our communities. They are focused on improving operational capabilities and increasing operational capacities. Their world is about operations.
  • Technology Teams – the technical personnel (developers, architects, QA, technical writers) and support (PM, contracting, admin) that act as a team to help Operators improve operations. Their world is usually about technology and they believe that their solution will help – right or wrong.

My Technology In OPS digital magazine brings together articles, audio, and video training from both communities and bridges the gap between these two communities.

The reason I do this is that I know how much of a difference technology can make – but ONLY WHEN it is appropriately applied. That means these two groups, which are often like oil & water (or fire and water), MUST work together. So to help here this magazine serves both groups.

We focus a lot on Agile techniques and methods. When we dig in on technical side – either by bringing in authors or in creating something myself, Agile plays a big role. The reason? I have yet to see a single project that Agile methods didn’t improve. Not.A.Single.One.

Some articles are more operations leaning and some may go deep technical but there is always a linkage. There is always a thread that connects operations and technology.

Well, there is almost always a link. But maybe not on the gadget and book pages. Those are just something I put in at one point and people liked them! 🙂

Technology In OPS Digital Magazine

The magazine is free and available in on both the iTunes Newsstand and Google Play (for Android) here:

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