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Bottom Line Up Front: I am looking for articles to share with a community of first responders, emergency managers, and security professionals. This could mean re-purposing an existing article or starting one from scratch.

Agile response

Agile allows response at so many levels – tech and operational.

Hey Agile folk!

One of the many roles that I fulfil is as the editor of the Technology In OPS magazine. The e-mag is aimed at providing first responders, emergency managers, and security professionals with technology leadership advice. It is also aimed at the technical teams that support this group of heroes.

What are We Looking For?

If you have an operationally focused (or business focused) blog article that you have already written, reach out. We may consider including it in the magazine. The general guideline of material that our readers are looking for is:

  • How-To Articles – Quick articles on applying technology (or techniques) that they can use immediately.
  • Stories of Implementation Success (or Failure) – Lessons Learned is a huge area for our first responders. They learn through their successes, failures, and unfortunately, their tragedies.
  • Interviews – We do Google Hangouts On Air for some interviews but the main topic needs to be addressing operational problems, not on the tech side. If you have something (e.g. a project that worked using Agile) reach out and let’s discuss.

For a reader-facing (BTW – tech folk are most certainly readers too) give the Agile Issue Announcement article a read (NOTE: we are always open to Agile articles for the mag, not just for that issue). The article is aimed at operational people so doesn’t go into the Agile terminology – and it won’t. The operational world is an incredible place to work in but one thing I have learned (scars to prove it) is that imposing terminology won’t work. So the key for success is speaking “Ops” and making sure they understand what your Agile team is doing. I’m looking to create an “Ops” to Agile translator for this issue too – reach out if you want more info or to participate there.

Reach out if you want more info.

For the e-mag itself, here are a couple of links:

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– Darrell

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