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Disclosure: This article is my personal and professional view of an amazing series of experiments. The opinions and ideas here are mine and may not reflect the official position of the agencies involved. Official statements by the lead agency (DRDC Centre for Security Science) will be linked to as they become available. 


The Digital Volunteer Support to Recovery Operations Experiment (DVSROE) is an in-depth experiment that is aimed at exploring how digital volunteers can assist in recovery operations. DVSROE fulfils the Social Media in Emergency Management vignette for CAUSE3 and is led by Dr. Kate Kaminska (@katekaminska1) of DRDC/CSS.

The response phase of emergencies has been explored quite heavily and volunteers are often integrated. DVSROE expands on this prior effort by focusing on the recovery phase of emergencies. We have multiple Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST / #vost) in action as well.

DVSROE runs on a simulated (and closed) social media network that simulates Twitter, Facebook, and related social media technologies. It runs in this closed environment to ensure that artificial/simulated information isn’t seen as real by the public, which could cause panic. The team will be on Twitter throughout though as we describe what has been happening and highlighting key items during execution.

DVSROE Execution

DVSROE runs 18-20NOV2014 and is being conducted in Halifax, Nova Scotia during #dmforum2014 (Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management Forum).

Social Media (#DVSROE)

the DVSROE team will be active on social media throughout. Though the experiment itself is run on a closed and simulated social media environment we will provide updates as the experiment unfolds.

This article will be updated over time…