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I am pretty excited!

I just received a copy of an interview that I did with an up and coming guy who was finalizing his thesis for his second Bachelor’s degree (this one in emergency management). I sat with Michael Brulotte at the request of a good friend and colleague, Denis Desrosiers of Sentinel Systems.

Denis supports some programs at Cape Breton University where Michael was finalizing this second degree.

Michael was looking to meet with people that had played roles in the tech community that serves our first responders and emergency managers and I was pleased to help him out in his research.

The long and short of it is that I received a pre-release copy of the interview transcript today. Michael kindly removed many unprintable words and massaged some of my more rambling statements.

I share the interview because I think that the way that Michael captured my message will help you in your journey to improve operations through the appropriate application of technology. Michael’s interview approach¬†and¬†questions were very well thought out and he took a different path than other interviews that I have done.

Keep an eye out for Michael – he’s destined to make some waves soon…


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