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Here’s a hint that your software team isn’t working for you: You keep waking up at night because of your software team.

As a business owner or CEO you know your business will wake you up at night from time to time. There are loads of reasons that your business wakes you up. They should be changing though and not happening all the time. When you’re constantly waking up because of your software team, you have a problem.

What’s the problem? That is a tough question but here’s the main point – you are waking up because you can sense there is a problem – it’s bugging you at a subconscious level.

What do you do? Dig in and see what you can figure out. I suggest working on two main things:

  1. Learning how to tell stories instead of “better requirements”.
  2. Learning the value of saying, and hearing, “no”.

Both of those tactics will help out. If you want some in-depth information about how you can apply them, check out my free webinar that I put together. It’s got a deep discussion about both of these approaches.

There may be other dynamics at play when your team is waking you up at night – or that you have other signs that your team is in trouble. Keep an eye peeled here and I’ll see what I can give you to get things back on track.

The main reason I like these 2 tips is that years after I have moved on. It has worked so many times that I give it away – and I get thanks all the time. Check it out.


NOTE: This post is part of a series where I provide a list of signs that business owners and CEOs need to watch out for. Each post addresses a sign that may indicate your software team is in trouble. If your business depends on that software team, you know that’s bad. My goal here is to provide some strategies to help you out. I’ll be updating each page when I post so you may see some churn. cheers, Darrell

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