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“…leadership, by definition, requires appropriate risk-taking, a tolerance for ambiguity, and courage. If police departments are to control their own destinies, they must lead change—not be subject to it.” – Jim Bueermann in “American Policing in 2022

Part of Leadership is making hard decisions when you can’t have all the facts in front of you and then being strong enough to stand behind those decisions and having the courage to adjust the decisions when new facts come to light.

The “American Policing in 2022” series of essays is taking up a lot of my thinking time of late. I’m focused on how technology can improve operations but the leadership points and the shifts away from the aspects of policing that aren’t explicitly “law enforcement” is consuming more of my mind than I thought it would.

If you’re looking for this document, here is a link (same link as above) to the PDF download and free order form.