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We managed to get all turned around trying to get to the Canadian Cemetery at Bretteville-sur-Laize. We pulled over and stumbled upon these poppies at the edge of the farmer’s field across from the back of the cemetery. Stunning.

We sat for a while looking at them.

Then we moved on.

We’d been to anĀ Allied cemetery before, in Assissi, Italy.

We thought we knew what we would see.

We didn’t.

The Canadian Cemetery at Bretteville-sur-Laize is stunning. It stands alone amongst farmer fields not far from the highway.

It is immaculate. The grass is cut to perfection. The soil seems to be edged with a knife.

2,872 of Canada’s soldiers lie there.

They gave their lives to protect all that we hold dear.

And we thank them.

Not often enough.

But they didn’t give their lives for us to dwell on the loss forever.

They wanted a bright future.

They gave everything for this bright future.

It’s up to us to make their sacrifice worth it.