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I love it when a client gets press about some of the cutting edge and game-changing projects they run.

INTERSECT Situational Awareness Network (ISAN) is one that is near and dear for many reasons:

  • Op INTERSECT is an amazing initiative on many fronts but the coolest is how well aligned the business (process, policy, and governance) side is with the technology approach.
  • Working with the team at the City of Ottawa (Ottawa Police Service, Office of Emergency Management, Ottawa Fire Service, etc.) RCMP, Ville de Gatineau, Privy Council, and many more is an incredibly dynamic gig. The meetings and sessions that we have are exhilarating.
  • Ottawa is my home town and seeing the team at Op INTERSECT leading globally by sharing their experience and lessons learned is incredible. I’m relatively new to the project so I get to stand on the shoulders of giants for this one. That’s pretty humbling.
  • Playing a role (I am the Technology Advisor) where I get to go down and dirty with Operators, ensure that the needs of Senior Leaders are met, and working with a world-class Technical Team drives home the investment and success of the Technology In OPS framework. (NOTE: OPS in this context means Operations – not Ottawa Police Service)

Here’s the link to the Ottawa Citizen article: