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So my son and I were deep in Algonquin Park the other day when we realized we had left our hatchet back at home. We don’t carry in firewood and went pretty minimalist (left our Katz’s Deli salami at home too – poor planning) so we were kind of bummed.

I’m a knife fan so I tend to carry a few. My son had made fun of the hunting knife that I had tossed into our gear/food barrel – but he wasn’t laughing soon.

I’ve always loved the edge of my Cold Steel Master Hunter knife but the thickness of the blade (3/16″) as a bit of overkill.

I don’t think that 3/16″ blade is overkill any more. It was our wood splitting tool for 4 nights (well, 3 – we didn’t make a fire one night) and it was spectacular. I’d just push the knife in a bit and use a log to hammer through and split the piece I was working on. I created a whack of great firewood and kindling with it.

And get this – it is still razor sharp…

Love this knife even more now!

But I won’t forget my hatchet next time…