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Here’s a hint that your software team isn’t working for you: You Feel Out of Control.

As a business owner or CEO you are used to living on the edge. Being an entrepreneur means you are pushing the boundaries.

But your software team should be something that you at minimum feel you can influence and largely feel that you are in control of. They are there to serve you and your business.

If you feel that your software team is out of control and that the “inmates are running the asylum” you need to rein things in.

The trick here is finding where things went wrong. We’re assuming that at some point you had things under control. There are an amazing number of reasons that things get out of control so digging in on this one can help improve your business immensely.

I recommend, at minimum working on the following things:

  1. Learning how to tell stories instead of “better requirements”.
  2. Learning the value of saying, and hearing, “no”.

Both of those tactics will help out.

If you want some in-depth guidance about how you can apply them, check out my free webinar that I put together. It’s got a deep discussion about both of these approaches. But don’t worry – it’s less than an hour of training – and it is immediately actionable.

The main reason I like these 2 tips is that years after I have moved on. It has worked so many times that I give it away – and I get thanks all the time. Check it out.


NOTE: This post is part of a series where I provide a list of signs that business owners and CEOs need to watch out for. Each post addresses a sign that may indicate your software team is in trouble. If your business depends on that software team, you know that’s bad. My goal here is to provide some strategies to help you out. I’ll be updating each page when I post so you may see some churn. cheers, Darrell

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