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As I read through the American Policing in 2022 report I am looking to see where technology come into play and I am liking much of what I am finding. There are a few essays that are incredibly good and focused on the Technology In OPS space so I’ll be seeing what I can add.

Even in the introduction there is good discussion of the role that technology plays.

In the recent era of rapid technological development, many of us clearly tend to latch on to the newest gadget as the solution to what ails us. After the shine wears off, its value is measured purely by how it enhances public safety. Technology cannot, and should not, replace good police work. Technology is a tool, but you have to learn how to use it, much like an old hammer, with focused precision lest you jam the nail right through to the other side or, worse yet, pound yourself on the thumb. [emphasis mine]

American Policing in 2022, p.3

I built the Technology In OPS framework to help improve operations through the appropriate application of technology. It’s aimed at making operational improvements where technology can make a big difference. When technology is applied appropriately it can be a force multiplier, reduce costs, speed up andĀ improve decisions, increase situational awareness, and ultimately, save lives. When applied because it is “cool” or the “next great thing” it generally has the opposite effect. Some marginal benefits may be realized but they tend to disappear or be overwhelmed by other costs and the friction it creates.

The essays are an excellent read for those that are in the police field (sworn members, employees, and the diverse teams that support our police). They are also relevant for other fields like firefighters, EMS/paramedics, emergency management, and security professionals. The essays provide valuable lessons for anybody that is in a leadership position.

I’ll be pushing out some thoughts and updates as I re-read the highlighted portions of the PDF that I have been chewing through. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for info on the Technology In OPS framework I have some training (video-based) that I’d be happy to share (it’s free). Click Here and I’ll get you hooked up.