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Well, that didn’t take long did it!

Technology In OPS Magazine upgraded

Technology In OPS Magazine – NEW VERSION!

Our developers and designers have been working fast and furious. The magazine has only been out a couple of weeks or so and we already have a new version! Just some code tweaks and a bit cleaner look and feel but it lays down the foundation for some awesome new articles we’ll be releasing this month!

Technology In OPS Magazine

If you’re new to the Technology In OPS Magazine, here’s a brief description about what the Technology In OPS magazine is all about.

It’s in the iTunes Newstand now!

… AND since I wrote this iOS8 is dropping along with the iPhone 6/6+ …

SO! The devs will be at it again – we’ll get a new version out ASAP!

Kudos to the dev team – great work! I love surprise releases like this.

– Darrell

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