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So, after a long run of building and tooling I have just released the first issue of Technology In OPS magazine. It’s aimed at providing the operational community (first responders, emergency managers, and security professionals) with some leadership and education about key trends in technology.

Generally each issue will provide a mix of articles and audio/video. For this first issue we have the following:

  • Briefings for Senior Leaders on Big Data and The Cloud
  • Start of a longer-running Incident Management System design/buy guidance
  • Guest article from Kim Stephens’ iDisaster blog covering some great ideas on how Social Media can be used to get the message out when flooding hits a region (key data: road closures)
  • A Gadget page – I’m a die-hard gadget freak so I can’t help myself here. I only post items that I use myself or the very close colleagues have vouched for.

Here are the key links to get access (it’s FREE):

Let me know what you think of it either here or in the app itself. This first issue is short but I’m actively working on getting more content together for the next one!