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As part of our Technology In OPS work we’re hosting a limited number of free webinars where I will be teaching some of the key concepts behind the Technology In OPS framework. This one promises to be a ton of fun (I love what I do!) and will provide immediate value for anyone working on a project aimed at deploying technology into an operational environment.

The webinar will be short (< 1hr) and will provide 3 key lessons that teams need to master in order to ensure that their technology projects are successfully deployed into operational environments* (see note below):

  • Who the real 3 groups of people are on a project that is aimed at Ops (hint: this is about the leadership of a project – and leadership is not management).
  • How you can prioritize the massive number of features requested by your stakeholders.
  • How you can leverage the concept of Control & Influence to make you are spending time, effort, and resources on the right things.

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Date & Time: 31JUL2014 3-4pm EDT (8-9PM London, 12-1pm San Francisco)

Format: Live Presentation and Q&A.

Click here to Register for the Webinar.

Register early as there are a limited number of seats available.

* Operational Environments – I am fortunate to work with operations-centric clients. By operational environment I mean the type of operational situations that are faced by our first responders (police, fire, EMS/paramedics), emergency managers, search and rescue personnel. Whether they are acting on routine/day-to-day type response or deep in a crisis, the operational tempo is fast and furious and the cost of mistakes is high. Technology has a role to play to improve operations, but if it isn’t rolled out properly the project will most likely fail.